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a simple yet elegant design
Figure 1
Fig 1. 

android games 

While  mobile games have limited controls, they do offer quick diversions.  Puzzle games are a better fit for the touch screen although on screen tap controls add more sophistication to all genres. Accelerometer based physics games offer controls unique to mobile platforms. 

anomaly 2. screen
. screen
any emulator bios
. screen
. screen. video
bamba. screen
. screen
cut the rope
. screen
cut the rope hd. screen
cut the rope: experiments. screen
cut the rope: exeriments hd. screen
cut the rope: time travel. screen
cut the rope 2. screen
dark nebula - episode one
. screen
dark nebula hd - episode one
dark nebula hd - episode two
doppler. screen
dosbox turbo
. screen
expendable rearmed. screen
gba.emu. screen
gem spinner
. screen
geometry wars 3: dimensions. screen

. screen
ingenious. screen
. screen
laser logic
. screen
letterpress. screen
lode runner classic
. screen
lyne. screen
magic 2014

magic 2015. screen
mame4droid reloaded
. screen
monument valley. screen
ms. pac-man
. screen
multiponk. screen
neuroshima hex. screen
nonograms. screen
oil rush: 3d naval strategy. screen
. screen
pac-man championship edition
. screen
pathogen. screen
pba bowling challenge
. screen
. screen
pinball arcade
. screen
pitfall!. screen
pivvot. screen
polygon evolution. screen
ppsspp - psp emulator
. screen
quell memento+. screen
quell reflect
. screen
quell zen. screen
rayman jungle run. screen
reiner knizia's clustermaster
. screen
riptide gp
. screen
the room three. screen
. screen
. screen
shadowgate. screen
shadowrun: dragonfall - dc. screen
shadowrun returns
. screen
shake 'n' roll labyrinth
. screen
simon tatham's puzzles. screen
. screen
skyriders. screen
snes9x ex+. screen
space physics
. screen
stellar escape
. screen
strata. screen
swapperoo. screen
team canada table hockey
. screen
. screen
temple run: oz. screen
the room. screen
the room two. screen
this war of mine. screen
topfloor foosball
. screen
unpossible. screen
. screen
winulator. screen