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commercial games 

Today's multi million dollar budgets produce wonderful technological advancements.  Artificial intelligence seems to be a work in progress. It would be nice if the major publishers would green light a couple of token low budget titles that stray from the rigidity of the fps, rpg, rts genres. Sports games have the most potential for the most compelling gameplay.  There's been a recent resurgence in  Isometric RPG / strategy games which will hopefully continue.

Developed by Mass Media and published by Time Warner, it represents the best silicon interpretation of air hockey. Power Hoops also gets high marks while Foosball was sub-par. The only downside is that it was released in late 1995 when DOS was still the platform of choice.  Requires D-fend Reloaded

binary. lana yu


While most of the clones are forgettable & monotonous, the Taito original holds it's own. 


Base 10 is a game of numbers. Your goal is simple: create combinations equaling 10 by sliding numbers around the playing field. Move them horizontally or vertically, but be careful not to create an unusable non-number in the process. Choose from one of three modes: eliminate a set amount of numbers as quickly as possible in ZEROSUM MODE; get rid of prearranged groups of numbers in as few moves as possible in PUZZLE MODE; or continue removing numbers until your game is over in INFINITE MODE. In addition, you can challenge an opponent to a two-player wireless battle in VS MODE and see whose number-crunching skills reign supreme. If you think you're a master with numbers, the straightforward yet challenging world of Art Style: BASE 10 gives you the opportunity to prove it in a unique way.

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Psygnosis classic sports hybrid with elements of air hockey and pinball. Options include adjustable gravity, shot power, etc. The DOS version is linked below. There are also versions for the Amiga and NEC Turbografx 16 that you can play on your favorite windows emulator. One of the coders for this game is currently working on the Grand Theft Auto series for Rockstar Games. 



The game delivers an entertaining and immersive Olympic experience with superior graphics capturing the fine emotional detail of each event where a fraction of a second means the difference between winning and losing. With brand new gameplay mechanics challenging your time, speed, and coordination, you will strive to break records alone or with up to seven friends online in 38 authentic Olympic events.  Available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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close combat.gateway to caen.slitherine

Close Combat: Gateway to Caen is the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series, and the final release of the current game engine. Gateway to Caen focuses on the largest, concentrated British offensive since the Normandy landings in an attempt to penetrate the German lines west of Caen and cross the Odon River to get the stalled advance moving again. 

With Close Combat: Gateway to Caen you can play at the strategic and tactical level, putting yourself in the boots of both the generals and the platoon commanders. You can move or combine your battlegroups on the strategic level and decide the outcome of battles on the tactical level. You will command squads in close combat situations, using small arms, mortars, machine guns, armored cars, and tanks to triumph against the enemy. You command artillery and mortar barrages and even air strikes. You will get to know individual solders, platoons, battalions, and the larger brigades and battle groups which they comprise.

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Action | RTS game developed in Spain.  The sequel has an updated graphics engine.



Official US Army training software. Units are depicted with official NATO symbology, and US Army official map control measures delineate the battlefield. Includes scenario editors for infinite replay value. Both single player AI mode and multiplayer 'play by email' mode.

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Developed by the gifted Andrew Spencer, released by Psygnosis in 1997. Impressive ellipsoid technology for smooth graphics and realistic body movements. 



Stylish cell shaded action puzzler where players use decision-making skills and wits to escape various obstacles while rescuing people from more than 100 different emergencies.  Initially a psp exclusive, there are also nintendo ds and xbox 360 live arcade versions.

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floorball league 2011.prodigium

World's first modern 3D floorball game.

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Geometry Wars³: Dimensions is an exciting new evolution of the iconic, fast-paced and frenetic Geometry Wars™ gameplay fans love, and will introduce full 3D action and competitive online multiplayer for the first time in the franchise.

In addition to a full single-player campaign with 50 unique challenges and over 10 battle modes – five of which are completely brand new to the series – Geometry Wars³: Dimensions also features a revamped cooperative multiplayer mode, plus dynamic and persistent progression, offering players a consistently new experience each time they play.

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incredible.machine.series.jeff.tunnell now sells the Incredible Machine series mega pack.  

A modern day version of the game is currently being worked on by the original development team which will be released by Jeff Tunnell's Pushbutton Labs.

If anyone has any homemade levels for any windows version of The Incredible Machine, I'd be glad to host them.

mega pack
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Jagged Alliance Back in Action is a contemporary remake of the latest title in the much-loved Jagged Alliance series of turn-based mercenary-themed strategy games.

Designed from the ground up to offer a modern gaming experience, Back in Action showcases an updated isometric 3D look and interface, highly detailed character models and a variety of new gameplay features. Back in Action takes players to the fictitious country of Arulco, where a ruthless dictator has seized power and only a small group of rebels stand to resist him. Tasked with freeing the island from the dictator’s iron grip, players will command rebel and mercenary forces while using tactical, diplomatic and economic tools to keep troops supplied and ready for the next flight, all while commanding them directly in nail-biting battles.

Back in Action’s innovative “plan & go” combat system combines real-time strategy (RTS) with turn-based elements to guarantee that the intricacies of tactical warfare are rendered in dynamic, exciting gameplay. This challenges would-be commanders to master not only strategy and tactical combat, but also to maximize their team’s capabilities through RPG-like character advancement.

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Sierra's Lode Runner Online Mad Monks' Revenge (MMR) and The Legend Returns (TLR) are 2 of the best computer games ever developed. You can also play the original Broderbund levels with the download level packs and The former also includes all 50 levels from Championship Lode Runner, compliments of Presage.

Todd Daggert, the main programmer for the windows version of the game has kindly included a download link on his site.

Requires dplay.dll linked below.

binary. dplay.dll. tlr levels. mmr levels. level maps


With new sports, new events and new gameplay modes, London 2012 brings the worlds ultimate sporting event to life bigger and better than ever before. Take to the track, negotiate the Velodrome and dive into the deep end in stunning HD while you compete for the pride of your nation. Hone your skills in the Olympic Games mode, and play with or against your friends and family in a variety of multiplayer modes.

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment bring Lumines to life on the Sony PSP. A modern puzzle arcade classic released in 2005. 

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Faithful windows versions of 5 arcade classics, the most notable being Tempest. Runs flawlessly on Windows XP. The default control sensitivity in this version is superior to the mame and atari windows releases.  In a perfect world, there'd be a 64 bit version that runs on Vista.

The object of Microsoft® InkBall is to draw ink strokes with your mouse to guide colored balls into holes of the same color.

An ink stroke disappears when a ball hits it. A single ink stroke can affect only one ball. 

The amount of points that you earn is based on the color of the ball. The game ends when a ball enters a hole of a different color or the game timer runs out.

By choosing from a variety of game boards and five levels of difficulty, you can make InkBall as challenging as you want.

As you increase the level of difficulty, you can encounter increasing ball speeds, more balls, more holes, and more complex game boards, including puzzle-style boards. 

When you reopen Microsoft® InkBall after playing a game, InkBall opens at your previous difficulty level and displays the highest score that you have achieved.

There are 2 versions of microsoft inkball.  

The xp tablet version can be played with a mouse  on any version of xp as long as tablet support files are installed.  In order to play it on xp, you'll need to have microsoft windows journal viewer or microsoft office 2003 or later installed since they install the required tablet support files / dll's. While the mouse pointer is not visible within the game window in the xp version,  there is a modified version that enables the mouse pointer to be visible on xp.  

The windows vista version is included on all versions except home basic.  The business version requires that the games pack be enabled through the control panel.  The vista version only runs on vista.  The vista version elicits the error message 'inkball.exe is not a valid win32 application' on xp.

With clean graphics and challenging gameplay, microsoft has released a true classic. The only negative is that it was not included in Windows 7. If you'd like inkball to be in future versions of windows, contact microsoft to include it for Windows 8.   

microsoft inkball. screen 1. screen 2. screen 3 [ modified ]


The demo actually contains a dirt track not available in the full version. The control sensitivity is also slightly different from the full version. One of those rare games where they nailed the gameplay. It seems the more realistic the physics model is, the less enjoyable the game. Thankfully, the inverse is true here. 


One of the most entertaining sports games ever developed with outstanding gameplay. Great attention to detail, particularly AI. Developed by High Voltage Software, published by Microsoft. Subsequent versions were only available for the Xbox. 

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In Orbital, you control a small planetoid as it floats through space. You start out as one of the smallest objects on the screen, but by merging with objects a size larger, you increase your own size and gravitational pull. In each stage, your goal is to grow large enough to snag the sun into orbit around you. There is also a moon in each level that can be grabbed, resulting in bonus points and a bigger unlockable if you collect all of them. Game controls simply consist of 2 keys/buttons. On a Gameboy Advance emulator (VisualBoy), the z / x keys either propel / repel you toward or away from a planet / gravity well. The replay value consists of trying to improve your saved score / time for each level. Totally original concept with great execution. 

orbital | bit generations. screen 1. screen 2


Developed in Sweden by Digital Illusions, Pinball Fantasies contains the excellent Partyland table. There are also Amiga and SNES versions.  The sequel was Pinball Illusions.

fantasies. screen. illusions. screen


Polished Xbox 360 racing entry with highly detailed next gen graphics, exotic locations, refined gameplay, and dynamic weather/physics.


Groundbreaking next generation sports experience with fluid control and tight gameplay.  Xbox 360 title that took a year to develop.

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Neat puzzle arcade game included in Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP. 

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Developed by Italy's Milestone, published by Virgin Interactive. An arcade racing game that is much more enjoyable than the current racing simulations and their inherent rigid newtonian physics models. While the game can't compare to the Gran Turismo or PGR series, it remains one of the more pleasing efforts in the racing realm. 



Thrust into the role of “The Seed of Prophecy,” players travel deep into the living castle, in hopes of defeating the evil that dwells within – the dread Warlock Lord.

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut is a standalone release of the critically-acclaimed Dragonfall campaign, which first premiered as a major expansion for Shadowrun Returns. The Director’s Cut adds a host of new content and enhancements to the original game: 5 all-new missions, alternate endings, new music, a redesigned interface, team customization options, a revamped combat system, and more – making it the definitive version of this one-of-a-kind cyberpunk RPG experience.

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the third standalone game in Harebrained Schemes’ critically-acclaimed Shadowrun cRPG series. Experience the most impressive Shadowrun yet with an all new crew, expanded magic and cyberware, a revamped Matrix, an upgraded Shadowrun Editor, and much more!

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Shadowrun Returns is a science fantasy turn based tactical role-playing game that takes place in the Shadowrun campaign setting from the science fantasy tabletop role-playing game.

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Hard to find windows turn based space conquest strategy game. The long anticipated sequel Stars Supernova hasn't materialized and has officially attained vaporware status with the exception of a handful of beta testers. Ebay is the only source for a boxed version of Stars! if you want a manual.

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Accolade's early nineties DOS Olympic Games implementations. High marks for gameplay with above average graphics for that time period. Windows users can opt for the sega genesis versions using their favorite emulator or run the dos version with D-fend Reloaded.

summer. winter


The Pinball Arcade simulates and emulates real pinball machines on virtually every gaming and mobile platform, with great attention to detail.  Excellent physics and graphics and superb gameplay make this by far the best pinball video game.  New tables are released monthly.  Leaderboards and Tournament play add to the appeal.

Future Stern tables with required movie or music licensing costs will require kickstarter funding to cover the up front licensing costs unless Farsight can get a backend deal only which is unlikely.  Highly rated Stern tables include Star Trek, Tron Legacy, Lord of The Rings, Transformers, Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman.  

Stern tables that wouldn't require a kickstarter include Monopoly, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and probably Wheel of Fortune.  Monopoly is the most likely of the 3 for future inclusion and one of the more underated Pat Lawlor tables. 

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This War Of Mine provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle. For the very first time you do not play as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city. During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge, so you need to focus on maintaining your hideout. At night you get a chance to scavenge nearby locations for items that will help you stay alive.
Make life-and-death decisions driven by your conscience. Try to protect everybody from your shelter or sacrifice some of them to endure the hardships. During war, there are no good or bad decisions; there is only survival. The sooner you realize that, the better.

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Top Spin 3 immerses you in gameplay filled with remarkable visual effects. Travel to more than 40 real-world venues where weather dynamically changes, resulting in authentic-looking cloud cover and lightning. Make use of the new Player Creator feature for free-form body sculpting and add makeup and tattoos to your character. Then take to the court where you'll have unbelievably precise control over your movements, positioning and swings.

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Wasteland 2 is the direct sequel to 1988’s Wasteland, the first-ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG and the inspiration behind the Fallout series.

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Mobile Game with slick interface / solid ai.  You can compile it and run the emulated version on your desktop PC with the utilities linked below.  

world poker tour. emulator. runtime. screen


UK developer Hookstone unleashed this arcade classic in late 1995 with Viacom securing the distribution / publishing rights. It's a DOS game but there are plenty of emulated versions that are playable under windows [ sega game gear | snes | sega genesis | jaguar | playstation ]

While it's superior to Tetris, very few clones of the game exist. Refer to some of the other games sections for other implementations of the game including source code. Novice game programmers might want to try this game rather than tetris. The gameplay is much more satisfying.