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Figure 1
Fig 1. 

what's so unique?

The purpose of this site is to inspire coders to produce quality games as well as simply being a repository of the best games for your enjoyment. The best games revolve around hand-eye co-ordination, timing, and attention to detail. The games on this site simply contain the handpicked best. The Projects page is a good place to start for some unique games.  Enjoy your stay.  


latest update : july 2014


bamba. screen
dual survivor. screen
haste. screen
lyne. screen
magic 2015. screen
monument valley
. screen
perfect paths. screen
polygon evolution. screen
unpossible. screen
wave wave. screen


bamba. screen
cut the rope 2. screen
lyne. screen
magic 2015. screen
pathogen. screen
polygon evolution. screen
quell memento+. screen
strata. screen
the room two. screen

windows phone

rayman fiesta run. screen


pillars of eternity
. screen
satellite reign. screen
shadowrun returns. screen
star citizen
. screen
torment: tides of numenera. concept art
wasteland 2. video


Ballistix clone based on the Psygnosis original
Splotch game with a sophisticated algorithm
Squash | Racquetball game
Maxit game with a sophisticated algorithm
Sudoku game that generates hard puzzles