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Figure 1
Fig 1. 

what's so unique?

The purpose of this site is to inspire coders to produce quality games as well as simply being a repository of the best games for your enjoyment. The best games revolve around hand-eye co-ordination, timing, and attention to detail. The games on this site simply contain the handpicked best. The Projects page is a good place to start for some unique games.  Enjoy your stay.  


latest update : january 2014


anomaly 2. screen
cut the rope 2. screen
d&d lords of waterdeep. screen
everyday spelunker. screen
khaba. screen
oil rush: 3d naval strategy. screen
pathogen. screen
pba bowling challenge. screen
republique. screen
the room two. screen
touchgrind skate 2. screen


anomaly 2. screen
c64.emu. screen
everyday spelunker
. screen
gba.emu. screen
pba bowling challenge
. screen
pivvot. screen
ppsspp - psp emulator. screen
shadowrun returns
. screen
snes9x ex+. screen

windows phone

strata. screen


pillars of eternity
. screen
satellite reign. screen
shadowrun returns. screen
star citizen
. screen
torment: tides of numenera. concept art
wasteland 2. video


Ballistix clone based on the Psygnosis original
Splotch game with a sophisticated algorithm
Squash | Racquetball game
Maxit game with a sophisticated algorithm
Sudoku game that generates hard puzzles