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a simple yet elegant design
Figure 1
Fig 1. 

ios games 

While  mobile games have limited controls, they do offer quick diversions.  Puzzle games are a better fit for the touch screen controls although on screen controls like the led sports games can add more sophistication.  Pinball Arcade is the best game on ios devices with it's superb gameplay and excellent physics. 

90. screen
acronym!. screen
. screen
alien glyphs
. screen
anomaly 2. screen
arkanoid hd
. screen
atari's greatest hits. screen
aurora feint ii: the beginning
. screen
aurora feint ii: tower puzzles. screen
badland. screen
balance lab
. screen
. screen
bamba. screen
basketball arcade machine
. screen
basketball showdown. screen
. screen
blast-a-way. screen
blocker - challenge your friends!. screen
bounder's world
. screen
brutal labyrinth. screen
capita. screen
capitahd. screen
carrom 3d
. screen
chess genius. screen 
chess pro. screen
circuloid brick breaker. screen
circuloid brick breaker hd. screen
collision effect
. screen
colorix. screen
conundra. screen
crazy machines 2 hd. screen
crazy marbles
. screen
crosswords / downwords. screen
cubes 3d revolution
. screen
. screen
cuboid: 3d puzzle game. screen
curling3d hd. screen
cut the rope
. screen
cut the rope: experiments. screen
cut the rope: experiments hd. screen
cut the rope: time travel. screen
cut the rope: time travel hd. screen
cut the rope 2. screen
d&d lords of waterdeep. screen
dark nebula hd - episode one
. screen
dark nebula. screen
dark nebula hd - episode two
. screen
dark nebula - episode two. screen
doppler. screen
dual survivor
. screen
earthworm jim
. screen
the elder scrolls: legends. screen
electric box
. screen 
electric box 2 hd. screen
flipominos. screen
. screen
flipperhockeyhd. screen
foosball hd. screen
frozen equilibrium. screen
game of cubes
. screen
gas tycoon 2
. screen
gas tycoon 2 hd. screen
. screen
gem panic. screen
gem spinner
. screen 
geometry wars 3: dimensions evolved. screen
get the ball rolling
. screen
groove coaster
. screen. video
groove coaster zero. screen
groove coaster 2 original style. screen
. screen
. screen
hex:99. screen
. screen
hexetera. screen
hundreds. screen
. screen. video
ibasket. screen
. screen
icube. screen
ingenious. screen
ingenious for ipad. screen
. screen
kayos. screen
. screen
kunundrum. screen
labyrinth 2
. screen
. screen
led basketball. screen 
led football
. screen 
led soccer. screen
letterpress - word game. screen
lightup deluxe. screen
limbo. screen
lode runner classic
. screen
loopy maniak
. screen 
lumicon. screen
lyne. screen
magic 2013
. screen
magic 2014. screen
magic 2015. screen
magic duels. screen
marble mixer
. screen
martian chess. screen
. screen 
might and magic: duel of champions. screen
monument valley. screen
move: a brainshifting game
. screen
ms. pac-man
. screen
multiball pinball. screen
multiball pinball hd. screen
. screen
neuroshima hex
. screen
nine gaps
. screen
nonograms pro. screen
nonogramshd. screen
oil rush: 3d naval strategy. screen
. screen
pac-man. screen
pac-man championship edition
. screen
pac-man championship edition dx. screen
. screen
pba bowling challenge. screen
pentaballs hd
. screen
pentago. screen
perfect paths. screen
pinball arcade
. screen
pinball fantasies
. screen 
pinball fantasies hd. screen
pitfall!. screen
pivvot. screen
polygon evolution. screen
. screen
proun+. screen
. screen
pulsus hd. screen
puzzlemaniak legacy. screen
puzzle rocks. screen
. screen
quell memento. screen
quell zen+. screen
. screen 
rafter. screen
rafter hd
. screen
rayman jungle run. screen
reiner knizia's clustermaster
. screen
republique. screen
reverse it premium
. screen
ring fling
. screen
riptide gp
. screen
rubik's cube. screen
. screen
running sheep hd. screen. video
ruzzle. screen
. screen
scrabble blast. screen
shadowgate. screen
shadowrun returns
. screen
shadowrun: dragonfall - director's cut. screen
simon tatham's portable puzzle collection. screen
slam dunk basketball
. screen
solebon solitaire. screen
solebon pro solitaire. screen
solitaire classics. screen
solitaire classics hd. screen
sphereescape. screen
. screen
square&ball hd. screen
steampunk hockey
. screen
steampunk hockey hd. screen
stellar escape
. screen
stern pinball arcade. screen
stinger table hockey
. screen
strata. screen
strung along. screen
. screen
. screen
swapperoo. screen
temple run 2
. screen
temple run: oz. screen
. screen 
tf foosball. screen
the deep pinball
. screen
the elder scrolls: legends. video
the heist
. screen
the incredible machine. screen
the labyrinth. screen
the labyrinth hd. screen
the mesh. screen
the reversi. screen
the room. screen
the room two. screen
the room three. screen
. screen
this war of mine. screen
tilt executive toy
. screen
tiltagon. screen
. screen
tinkerbox hd. screen
touchgrind bmx
. screen. video
touchgrind skate 2. screen
. screen
ultimate minesweeper. screen
ultimate reversi
. screen
uncross it. screen
uncross it hd. screen
unpossible. screen
vectrex regeneration
. screen
vertigo. screen
vexed dlx
. screen
vs. racing 2
. screen
wave wave. screen
. screen
wizard hex. screen
. screen
wordament. screen
words with friends
. screen
. screen
xtreme wheels
. screen