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a simple yet elegant design
Figure 1
Fig 1. 


Parody is one of the  best forms of flattery.  Many clones attempt to match if not surpass the original in terms of graphics and gameplay.  The real skill in cloning applies to the latter.  It is quite a challenge to attempt to match the tight gameplay of tempest or the ideal ai scheme in lode runner. I suppose the perfect clone would be the reverse engineered derivative which can be an excellent technological achievement. Naysayers may point out that reverse engineering defeats the purpose of emulation. Optimists may prefer the enhanced and improved version with added customizability. Deflektor features ripped graphics while Jumpman is completely reverse engineered. The other end of the spectrum is Ballistix which partially borrows from the Psygnosis original in terms of the game premise but relies on totally original source code with varied physics/graphics.

Acrophobia is a game invented by Anthony Schubert whereby players form humorous / original phrases based on acronyms ranging from 3-7 letters. Variable time is allotted for submitting answers. Acronyms with 3/4 letters are allotted 60 seconds, 5/6 letters allotted 90 seconds, while 7 letters are allotted a 2 minute window. Prior to the voting round, Acrobot issues a 10 second warning for answer submission. Answers are randomized for voting while each player is allowed to choose one acronym expansion submitted by another player. Acrophobia comes in 3 irc flavors: Acrobot | Acromania | Alphabot

The original acrophobia game originated in irc. Berkeley Systems developed windows and java online versions that were quite popular in the late nineties.

The C# .Net version of Acrophobia was released in September 2005. A minimum of 3 players are required to play a game. There are no limits in terms of the number of players in a game. Enjoy.

Acrophobia updated September 2006 with formatting enhancements and a few corrections.  Microsoft NET framework 2.0 required.

acrophobia source. net 2.0. screen
java classes


Game inspired by the Taito classic Arkanoid.

. screen


Vector versions of the Atari original.

. screen
david ascz
. source. screen
flash version
. swf. screen

asteroids gem
. screen 1. screen 2
asteroid zone
. screen
asteroids 4k
. screen
delphi screen


Easily the best Asteroids related conversion. Meticulous attention to detail and challenging gameplay. Originally posted on a game development site by Iain Girdwood.



microballs. screen
. screen


Ballistix is a physics based arcade game with adjustable parameters (in Regular Mode only) and various graphics options. Features include gameplay uniquely based on variable physics, high score saving (level based), solo and vs computer mode, modifiable physics in Regular Mode, 14 backgrounds to choose from, and sound and music options.  This 2010 version is vastly superior to the previous version in terms of much more optimized parameters and new graphics at a higher resolution.  The game was inspired by the Psygnosis version.  The game may be ported to the ipad in the future.

The November 2010 update resolves high score saving compatibility issue with decompilation protection method.   High scores now saved for highest level completed rather than reached.  Changed config settings to random backgrounds and Set A text graphics.  

The game's properties should be changed to 'Run as Administrator' in order to avoid any error messages when exiting. 

ballistix. dependencies. screen


Extremely faithful vector version based on licensed source code  that was ported in 32 hours by Bill Witts in java.

binary. screen

Windows wip implementation of Compute! Magazine's 1990 game Bounce Zone.

source. screen


Remake of the 1989 California Dreams 3D Tetris game by a russian programmer.

binary. screen


Chess Genius is a world championship winning chess program. It's available for windows, palm, pocket pc, and mobile platforms.  The newer chess pieces for the mobile version leave something to be desired.
The multiplayer chess game is a lean 48K executable with a nice simple interface.
Chess.NET features excellent chess pieces, a nice compact interface, and 6 ai levels.  Full source included.

chess genius. screen
kchess elite. screen
source. screen


Windows clone of Ambrosia Software's Macintosh game of the same name, released in 2001, with identical graphics. Inspired by the Amiga game Atomica. Beautiful graphics by Eric Chan [ MIT | Stanford ].

In the game, players are challenged to form bonds between atoms to stabilize molecules before the atoms overflow from a vial. Points are awarded for the molecule's complexity and the speed with which it is assembled.

binary. source. screen


Pen and paper game with realistic graphics / animation and perfect ai.

. screen


Ignacio Perez Gil's s nearly identical clone of Vortex Software's Sinclair ZX Spectrum classic. It's a 16 bit windows version. Deflector x4 is a 32 bit version released in 2006 with updated graphics.

binary. screen
x4 binary
. screen


E-Motion is a graphically faithful remake that was entered in a competition in 2003.

binary. screen


Inspired by the TI Calculator game Falldown Forever. Cool retro intro screen for the recently coded Spectrum version which requires Spectaculator. Better than most of the Flash clones.

falldown forever
. screen


Clean, clutter free interface.

binary. source. screen

The c# version has photo-realistic cards, a clean interface, more stats than the Microsoft version, as well as a Save / Open option.  It employs a card shuffle algorithm identical to the one Microsoft uses.  Released August 2006 with a few updates since then. Microsoft .NET 2.0 required.  The October 2007 update adds several new backgrounds as well as some card graphic adjustments.

freecell net 2.0. screen 1. screen 2
. source
arkadium freecell

freecell memory reader
. source 
freecell plus


Phosphor light handheld game simulator.

binary. screen

Game & Watch's Fire.



Rainbow Wars is a retro styled Geometry Wars variant with 6 unique enemies and unlimited waves. Gamepad and mouse/keyboard support. 

GLobotWars is a stellar Geometry Wars variant coded by a british demo scene group. Released in June 2006, updated November 2006.

globotwars final. screen
rainbow wars
. screen
grid wars 2
. source. screen
grid assault. source


Handheld remake.


Excellent coleco handheld simulator including source.

binary. source. screen


ink ball. screen


Remake based on Dima Pavlovsky's Microsoft classic.

icebreaker. source. screen


Solid SGI version by an MIT student.

source. screen

Reverse engineered 80's dos game.

binary. source. level editor. screen


Rubik's Clock remake.

binary. screen


Java implementation of a classic ascii game originally for the cpm operating system. 

Arrow keys for movement / Space Bar for jumping. Avoid the falling rocks and find the treasure (shown as $) before the bonus time runs out. A new lad is awarded every 10,000 points. Extra points are awarded for touching the gold statues (shown as &). You receive the bonus time points that are left when you have finished the level.

Link updated August 2006 to reflect the December 2005 version 1.3 revision that resolves the background color issues under Java 1.5. Requires Java 1.5.

Ladder C# is a June 2007 release.  The September 2008 update enables all levels to play in the proper sequence.

ladder c#. source. screen
. source. screen 1. screen 2


Peter Hirschberg's excellent  handheld LED game remakes for the the windows, pocket pc, and palm platforms.  Peter also coded the superb atari vector emulator Vector Dream.

windows. source. pocketpc. palm. screen 1. screen 2. screen 3


Verticube is an excellent Lumines clone with a cool soundtrack. Lumixed is the most challenging of the 3. Quattro may be the most visually appealing version.  It requires Managed DirectX 9.  Luminex is a psp clone.

luminex. source. screen


Excellent compact versions, three of which are under 23k zipped. With so many Mastermind clones out there, I'd love to see more people try coding a different game like zoop, tube, tempest, maxit, pong 3d, & transversion. screen

mastermind c#
. source. screen
color code


Excellent Quadnet inspired game coded in c++/directx featuring a rotating play field. This is an enhanced port of the java version with the following improvements: increased speed, triangle speed identical to obstacle speed, obstacles spawning quicker, high score. Windows versions updated to limit the maximum obstacles to 4 for more balanced gameplay. 

binary. source. screen
java binary
. screen

Underated IBM game gets the java treatment. Nice interface without clutter. It'd make a great coding project, especially for those experimenting with AI algorithms. Java source is included.

binary. play. source. screen


Includes a pdf manual lnk.

binary. manual. screen


Meteos is a puzzle game in which blocks (called meteors) descend from the top of the screen. Players move the blocks up and down to align three that are alike. Rather than vanishing, the blocks then catch fire and fly off the screen with the blocks on top of them. The objective is to clear the screen and keep it from filling with meteors.

The Nintendo DS version released in 2005 was designed by Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai and produced by Space Channel 5 designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi who also developed Lumines.

binary. play. screen


Several great implementations of the Microsoft classic. In terms of the Microsoft versions, I prefer the Windows 98 version over the XP version simply because I prefer the sharp tile borders and number font over the XP version's tile set and font.

Mine Deluxe is a minesweeper variant with a fresh approach.   

mine deluxe. screen 
minesweeper solver
c# memory reader
. source. screen
google minesweeper


C# version.



Identical graphics relative to the arcade original. Released in 1997 by an Italian programmer, Marty Pavan, who reverse engineered the graphics. This version is not available on any other site on the web.  One of the only dos games on this site.  Requires dosbox and a frontend to play.



The MFC implentation weighs in at a lean 20 kb zipped. Excellent interface and algorithm implementation. Freak Othello, coded by a russian, has strong ai, a clean interface, and excellent pieces.

mfc othello. source. screen
freak othello
. screen
minimax binary


Terrific Pacman clone released through  It's no longer on that site.

binary. swf. source. screen


For pong 4d, select 1 player / fast speed.

play pong 4d
pong 3k


Willem Janssen outstanding 2001 delphi coded windows version has cool retro vector graphics, excellent frame rates, configurable parameters, and most importantly superb gameplay. The version on this site features optimal gameplay default parameters and more attractive colors for better visual appeal. The physics were implemented in a manner such that the ball hits the walls more often than standard newtonian physics would have you believe. In this case, that's a good thing if you're after the fun factor. Parameters like Gravity and Effect enable the physics to be adjusted any way you desire. The Win XP update was released May 2006. The game is similar to the Compute! Magazine PD game Bounce Zone.

Pong3D, released in July 2005, is a Visual C++ .Net implementation that is remarkably similar to Willem Janssen's version. The options screen is practically identical. :) Updated Sept. 2005 with the sharper MS Sans Serif font.

The September 2016 HD update increases the resolution of the game to 1920 x 1080. Computers with Intel graphics on Windows 10 don't scale lower resolution games to HD and instead display borders around a game's original aspect ratio.

pong 3d. screen [ hd update ] binary. source on request. screen
delphi binary. screen 1. screen 2. screen 3. screen 4
flash binary
. source. screen


Obscure 32K compo remake of a Commodore game.

binary. source


Nice and clean classic windows interface for 5 classic puzzle games including Merlin and Sokoban. Coded in

binary. levels. source. screen


The 2 best versions released.

zzzap. screen 1. screen 2
. screen


Two flash versions of a Gameboy game. The objective is to bounce on all blocks until they are removed.

jordan perry. screen
klas kloon


Flash based version.



Windows implementation inspired by the VAX version.



MicroReversi by Ylian Saint-Hilaire who's currently working at Intel.



Various implementations of the Rubik's Cube.  

Cube Twister features superior graphics and  includes a solvable script routine.  The java applets run at a much higher resolution than the application.  

cube twister. source. screen
cube twister java applets. source. screen
rubik's cube .net
. source. screen
magic cube
. screen
rubik cube solver
. source. screen
rubik cube player
. screen
. source. screen
wireframe cube


Russian coded game with excellent graphics. The 'Reversi' algorithm seems quite solid. Released in 2005.

binary. screen


An incredibly faithful rendition of the arcade classic coded in PureBasic / DirectX.  The vector version released for a 2006 Minigame Competition also uses the original level data. 

binary. source. screen
vector binary
. screen


One of the more unique gaming ideas of the 80's.



Beautiful graphics in the windows port based on Scott Lindhurst's Mac implementation. The lean java version is also stellar. The Puzzle Collection version of Sokoban features a classic windows interface.

puzzle collection. source. screen
. screen
java binary
. source. play


Spacewar has it's roots in the MIT computer science labs. The Winspace variant by, Eric Choi, is a real nice find with cpp source included. It's locked at 40 fps / 25 ms although a lower value would likely be an improvement.

The Peter Hirschberg version is very faithful to the original.  It's quite sophisticated and network compliant. 

winspace. source. screen
peter hirschberg
. source. screen


Splotch is a game of logic and intuition with very simple rules. You set red dots on the playing board while the computer sets blue dots. The goal of the game is to enclose as many of your opponent's dots as possible, thereby 'capturing' territory. The Advanced and Master levels use sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence. 

Unfortunately, there is one exploitable AI hole that guarantees victory.  Without the one flaw, this game is a classic that'll make you forget about minesweeper.

binary. screen


Mark Sach's faithful conversion of this vector classic with enhanced ai. Mark also worked on the Windows 'Combat' release for Atari.

binary. source. screen


WIP implementations of the classic 16 bit windows space strategy by crisium.

semp. screen


A selection of sudoku puzzle games released since 2005.

solo. source. screen
su14oku. screen
simple sudoku

simple sudoku solver
. source
su doku solver
. screen
sudoku spoiler
. source 


Impressive java version.



In 1981, Tempest introduced the gaming world to an extra-sensory visual and futuristic play experience that went beyond any video game concept ever developed. 
Despite being perhaps the best arcade game of all time, there've been next to zero clones of this game. The 'Tube' game listed below is more a 3D variant of the game and a great idea that can be refined further in terms of gameplay. The possibilities are endless especially since vector graphics have a timeless appeal that clunky polygons can't match. 

The Tempest C# implementation features high score saving, adjustable speed, and high quality sounds.

G-force is a flat 2D Tempest with tight gameplay, retro vocal sounds, and all the original enemies. Very well done.

Ultra is a visual appealing clone coded by industry veterans. Future iterations with improved eye candy are promised although there hasn't been an update since 2007.

tempest c#. source on request. screen
ultra. screen
emulator. source. screen
. screen


Tesserae remake titled Glass.

binary. screen


ASM Tetroid has some of the nicer brick graphics I've seen.  Eric B's former site is now a linux testing breeding ground. If you have problems running it under xp, try win 98 compatibility mode.

quad. screen
asm tetroid
. source. screen


JTransversion is a remake of an old ZX Spectrum video game released in 1984. The original game was very difficult. This new version includes a new element (black holes) and implements a "loss of energy" mechanism that makes the game less frustrating.

binary. play. screen


Tritryst variant titled Mumu. :-) 

binary. play. screen


Cool vector / wireframe tunnel game inspired by the Playstation game Nitrous Oxide, as well as Tempest. The directx version is a [ visual c++ ] windows implementation with enhancements and improvements including optimal speed, more challenging enemies, 3 difficulty levels, a high score list, and a very cool motion blur type effect for the waving levels. The second November 2006 update tones down the difficulty for the medium / hard levels while increasing it for the easy level.  The march 2007 update adds intro / gameplay music.

tube. source on request. screen [ music added ]
directx binary
. source on request. screen [ updated ]
java binary. play. source. screen 1. screen 2. screen 3


Great pinball simulation with many classic table conversions. Must have tables include Operation Thunder, Black Knight, Flash Gordon, Supersonic, Round Up, and Cavaleiro. Four of the above 6 tables were created by Kurt 'scapino' Herman, whose graphic talent speaks for itself. Operation Thunder, in particular, is simply awesome. 
Hopefully Stern's 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' is on his to-do list. :-) site.  Both visual pinball and vpinmame are required to play most of the above tables.

The Operation Thunder table doesn't work properly with recent versions of visual pinball.  It works fine with version 6.1 which can be downloaded at the link below.  Place the file in your visual pinball directory and run that version for Operation Thunder.  

binary. source
visual pinball 6.1
(for Operation Thunder)


Port of a japanese java game.

binary. screen


Vector arcade game from 1983 coded in 2008 featuring the original sounds.  

binary. screen


Chinese chess implementation using the minimax algorithm. Full cpp source included. Zipped binary is only 24k.

binary. source. screen


Sudoku lovers will love this open source game involving logic and math. Inspired by an obscure puzzle in a weekly tv guide in the 70's! High marks for the simple interface without unnecessary clutter. Infinite randomly generated levels and solver ensure plenty of replay value.

binary. source. screen. screen 2


Viacom's underexposed classic gets the windows & java remake treatment. This game deserves to be cloned quite a bit more than the current output given it's superiority over games like Tetris and Lumines. 

Spheres is an addicting puzzle game released in October 2016 and features superb customizable graphics, excellent music, and riveting gameplay.   

The key to excelling in the game is to swap colors with a sphere so that it matches the color of the sphere(s) behind it. Multiple consecutive colored spheres are then easier to eliminate than a row or column with many different colors.

You must follow the above strategy in order to be successful in the game.  

If this was a commercial game, the first level would be made easier for new players.

You must change the Spheres properties by right clocking the application, selecting Properties followed by Compatibility and then selecting 'Run this program as an administrator' and Apply.

Spheres requires Microsoft .NET framework linked below.

S2 Zoop, released April 2005, is an implementation with beautiful graphics.  The original parameters, which were optimal on the laptop originally used for testing, were far from optimal on current computers.  The September 2010 update has more optimized and balanced algorithm parameters. 

S2 Zoop requires the visual basic dependencies linked below.

The windows beta release was the 6th beta by an Everett college student (David Doan) who posted it on a school forum. It's available exclusively on this web site. 

The java version including full source is by former Viacom employee Joel Spolsky. Drop me a line if you'd like to port the java source to one of the C flavors or flash.

spheres. dependencies. screens
s2 zoop binary. required dependencies. screen [ updated
java binary. play. source. screen
david doan binary
kzap binary. source
zooi source