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a simple yet elegant design
Figure 1
Fig 1. 

windows phone games 

While  mobile games have limited controls, they do offer quick diversions.  Puzzle games are a better fit for the touch screen although on screen tap controls add more sophistication to all genres. Accelerometer based physics games offer controls unique to mobile platforms.  Windows phone has a limited selection of games compared to the iphone and ipad although gems like orb should keep people busy with it's randomly generated levels.

alphajax. screen
ball factory
. screen
blackout. screen
block the laser. screen
. screen
. screen
chess genius. screen
curling3d. screen
cut the rope. screen
cut the rope 2. screen
cut the rope experiments
. screen
earthworm jim hd
. screen
emigens plus. screen
extreme solitaire
. screen
. screen
hearts. screen
hexic rush. screen
implode!. screen
kodar mills. screen
. screen
lode runner classic. screen
microsoft solitaire collection. screen
mills free
. screen
. screen
monument valley. screen
nba jam
. screen
ns pairs
. screen
orb. screen
pac-man championship edition dx. screen
plex. screen. video
pocket bombs. screen
portable puzzle collection. screen
rayman fiesta run
. screen
rayman jungle run. screen
. screen
. screen
solitaire savant. screen
strata. screen
. screen
teeter hd
. screen
temple run. screen
temple run: brave. screen
temple run: oz. screen
temple run 2. screen
. screen
trivial pursuit. screen
. screen
wheel of fortune. screen
wordament. screen
words with friends
. screen